Fishing Seasons and Regulations

Seasons and Regulations

About Seasons and Regulations

Run timing can vary year to year. Season fish regulations are subject to change anytime.

Kain's Fishing Adventures spends much time, effort and money to ensure the best regulations possible for the guided sport fishers. It is our goal to maintain long term sustainability of the resource as well as fair access to the resource. We and many other members of the Southeast Alaska Guides Organization (SEAGO), ALaska Charter Association (ACA and SItka Charter Boat Operators Association (SCBOA) have worked endlessly to improve our regulations. If you would like to know how you can help and get involved please contact us.

Our philosophy hasn't changed - the experience and comradery, with friends and family remains unchanged, you cannot put a limit on any of these things. We recognize that fish to take home is an important part of the experience; we ensure every fish caught on our boats are expertly taken care of, from the moment it hits the deck, till its frozen and boxed for shipment home. As we navigate the ever changing regulations, we are committed to provide you the experience of a lifetime, top rate service and enjoy it on the beautiful salt water wilderness surrounding Sitka, Alaska.