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About Saltwater Fishing

Mind-bending angling action happens when you mix incomparable catch rates of a wide range of species with matchless experts who have been mooching in the Sitka waters for decades. We’re pretty sure that’s why so many fishermen return to us, year after year.

The types of fish you can catch

  • king-salmon

    King (Chinook) Salmon

    The official state fish of Alaska, it’s also the largest of all Pacific salmon. Here, they run from May to September, peaking mid-May through June. But for prime time, book your trip for May or June.

    Annual Limit: Learn more here

    • Average Size:20 - 25 pounds
    • Bragging Rights:30 - 40 pounds
    • Trophy:50 pounds or more
    • Annual Limit:See link above
  • silver-salmon

    Silver (Coho) Salmon

    The rich, reddish-orange meat of the coho has been called one of the best-tasting of any salmon. Mooch for them mid-July to mid-September, and see for yourself.

    • Average Size: 8 - 12 pounds
    • Bragging Rights:15+ pounds
    • Annual Limit:None
    • Daily Limit:6
  • halibut


    Pacific halibut are the second largest flatfish in the world—and a blast to catch. We find them in our waters May to September.

    • Trophy:100 pounds or more
    • Annual Limit:None
    • Daily Limit:1-2022' slot limit to be advised
  • lingcod


    Despite their name, these fish are not cods at all—they’re greelings, with large mouths and 18 sharp teeth. They run in Sitka waters mid-May through September.

    • Average Size:30 - 35 or 55+ inches long
    • Bragging Rights:30, 40 Pounders
    • Trophy:50 Lbs. and Above
    • Annual Limit:2: One 30 - 35 and one 55+ inch fish
  • rockfish-blackbass

    Pelagic Rockfish (Black Sea Bass)

    Able to live up to 50 years, we find these far-migrating fish in our waters between May and September.

    • Average Size:4 pounds
    • Trophy:8 pounds or more
    • Annual Limit:None
    • Daily Limit:3
  • non-pelagic-rockfish

    Non-Pelagic Rockfish

    We find a variety in our waters from May to September: yelloweye, silvergray, China, copper, tiger, and quillback. Which will you go for?

    Annual Limit: Learn more here.

    • Average Size:2 - 6 pounds
    • Bragging Rights:20 pounds or more
    • Annual Limit:See link above

Fishing Seasons and Regulations

Run timing can vary year to year and season fish regulations are subject to change at any time. We work to ensure the best regulations possible for guided sport fishers. It is our goal to maintain long term sustainability as well as fair access. We and many other members of the Southeast Alaska Guides Organization (SEAGO), Alaska Charter Association (ACA), and Sitka Charter Boat Operators Association (SCBOA) have worked endlessly to improve our rules. If you would like to know how you can help, please drop us a line.

While regulations change, our philosophy doesn't—the experience and comradery with friends and family is most important, and you cannot put a limit on it. We recognize that taking home fish is an important part of that experience, which is why we ensure every fish caught on our boats is expertly taken care of, from the moment it hits the deck until it’s frozen and boxed for shipment home. As we navigate the ever changing regulations, we are committed to providing you the adventure of a lifetime and top rate service—all in the beautiful saltwater wilderness surrounding Sitka, Alaska.

The Experience


What to Expect

From the moment your airplane touches down to the last goodbyes at the end of your stay, we take care of all of the details, including a time-tested itinerary. Every day looks the same on paper—an early rise, home cooked breakfast, 10 glorious hours of fishing, and rest and relaxation before you do it all again the next day. But, despite the unchanging itinerary, no two days are ever the same in Sitka's waters. That's what we call adventure.

Plan Your Trip
Photo Jul 12, 2 05 08 PMPhoto Jul 22, 9 15 06 AM

Hitting the Water

Choose your bait, cast off, and wait. It won’t be long. Next is a battle you’ll remember forever. Whether you’ve latched onto a 50 pound salmon ready for a fight or a spiny yelloweye that’s seen decades of life in the sea, mooching with lightweight tackle on our spacious boats is sure to make memories. But there won’t be much downtime after that catch—there are far too many fish in our sea. And we know just where to find them.

Get Ready to Fish

Our Premium Boats & Gear

If it’s not top of the line, we don’t have it. You’ll cast off on one of our four 30 - 32 foot customized Almar fishing boats, which are walk-around so you have plenty of room to fish from every side. Each boat is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics to find fish, navigate, and communicate. As far as our gear, we provide you with the best of the best. You can expect top-shelf fishing rods, Shimano line counter reels, Avet two-speed reels, and all the tackle and bait you could want. Of course, left handed reels are available upon request.

Photo Aug 02, 7 20 07 PMPhoto Aug 31, 7 19 25 PM

Rest & Relaxation

All of that angling is bound to work up an appetite and require a little shut eye. We think the accommodations are just as important as the fishing—so we employ a chef, staff, and fit our cedar lodge with all the comforts of home (and more). Find yourself sipping on something special while reclining in our leather theatre chairs overlooking Sitka Sound, where you’ve just spent a day of fun. But don’t get too comfortable—we know you’ll want to try what we’re whipping up in the kitchen.

Discover the Lodge
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Bringing Home Your Catch

We think you should focus on the fun—so we clean and pack your fish for your flight. And we do it right. First, we’ll bleed the fish on the boat, cleaning it and packing it in ice. When we arrive dockside, we fillet the day’s catch, vacuum pack each fish with commercial packers, and flash freeze it to 30 degrees below zero. Finally, we box it all up according to your airline’s specs, so all you have to do is check it as luggage. When you cook it up, it will be as fresh as the day you caught it.

Alaska Air Luggage Guidelines