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Smoked Salmon

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Recipe Post Publish Date:September 26, 2022

Smoked Salmon-using a Dry Rub

10lbs Salmon Filets, with skin on

¾ Cup Kosher Salt

4 Cups brown sugar

Combine Salt and Sugar and cover fish filets with mixture, refrigerate for up to 12 hours. Large food safe plastic containers with lids work great for storing the fish during this process. Remove from container and pat excess moisture off of filets with paper towels, place on smoker racks (use non-stick spray on racks to prevent sticking), place in smoker using Alder Chips for best flavor. Smoke 6-8 hours depending on your smoker, if needed rotate racks for thicker filets. If you want less smoke only use chips while in the smoker for the first few hours. Remember: King Salmon is an oilier, thick filet, while Silver Salmon will be less oily and thinner filets; smoking one may take more time than another.